Gold Investment

 Although it is so in most of the traders, it is easy to use a trader with a small minimum trading unit that makes small investment possible because the transaction fee is free, and the spread is narrow. Then, in order to ascertain the operability of tools used for actual transactions, it is a good idea to know about demo transactions and other things. If you are investing in gold in investment, basically the schedule of the announcement of economic indicators is a very important element and let’s not forget to check firmly. Let’s beware that market prices may fluctuate like living things as if linked to announcement of economic indicators. Among gold applications it is convenient to have to alert before the announcement of economic indicators and there are things which help to prevent mistakes carefully and there are also things that send alert emails, so it would be nice. When the position before the settlement that we possess gets more and more negative and the aging loss expands and it reaches the decided level, we forcibly change the position we hold, gold (triggered by the 1998 Foreign Exchange Law revision It became a boom) It will be settled by the trader side. However, since this mandatory settlement, that is, a margin call calling attention is taken before the compulsory loss cut is done, it is also possible to avoid compulsory settlement by depositing insufficient margin as it notifies us.